About Me


I’m not going to delete my previous bio (below) but I will update it. This blog started as a sort of diary, a safe place for my thoughts to pour, explode or drip without consequences.

It will still be that. But now I want to help others by opening honest conversations about mental health and offering my (definitely not professional) advice, experience and stories that might inspire you, educate you or just make you feel less alone. Also my name is Em, not Rose. But feel free to call me whatever,

My name is Rose, (well, it isn’t but for the purpose of waterfall thoughts it is). I’m eighteen nineteen  twenty and don’t have much to say about myself. I’m not beautiful, confident, witty or talented and I’m definitely not good at articulating myself.

Sometimes (v v rarely nowadays) I’m a friendly, easy-going girl who laughs easily and is probably a little bid mad, but will gladly be your friend.

Other times I’m quiet, introvert, unsociable, self-conscious and miserable.

Sometimes I’m a mixture of the two…

I’m lost.


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