On Holiday with Anxiety -Venice Feb 2017

3 days before,

So for my 21st birthday I’m off the the wonderful Venice, Italy. During carnival week no less. And with my favourite person. But oh wait there’s a stowaway in my luggage! 

Enter Anxiety,

So it should be something I’m crazy looking forward to, right?! I am, of course. Venice is one of my top wanderlust countries I’ve always wanted to visit. But I’m also crazy anxious. What if I forget to pack something? Don’t have enough spending money? Something goes wrong at the airport? (Airports alone inspire such Anxiety in me). What if I get lost or am too miserable to enjoy myself? What if we go and don’t even have a good time? What if what if what if?!?! I’m even anxious about leaving my darling kittens with my mom. I know they’ll have a great time in her big house, but I know I’ll be checking in multiple times a day. 

At the airport, 

My stomach is rolling and I feel sick and like I could cry. I’ll be fine once I’m on the plane.

You know I had this whole post planned as soon as I started to feel the anxiety set in, so sure I’d have loads to write. The anxiety was telling me firmly everything was going to be a disaster. 

But you know what?? It wasn’t. 

I had the most incredible time, I left anxiety and depression behind when I got on that plane. I’ve never felt so carefree happy and excitable and curious as I did in those few days. We rode electric bikes the length of Lido, listened to live music in San Marco, got lost down the endless winding streets and canals, stared in awe at all the costumes and masks, visited the Doge’s palace and hired our own boat to drive across the lagoon to Burano and back.

So F you Anxiety! I went on holiday without you and LOVED IT.

(and now I’m 21, like proper adult and stuff) 



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