That Fuzzy Feeling

It seems, no matter how my life is going, even if I’m buzzing because of all the great opportunities I have coming my way and celebrating the changes I’m making, that fuzzy feeling never really leaves.

You know the one. Like someone’s messing with your settings. There’s static under you skin and sludge in your veins. Sometimes it’s dialed down enough that I can function without it being the biggest thought in my head, and other times (like now) I can feel the dial slowly being turned up.

I always imagine it’s caused by this dark creature that follows me, giving off that awful aura. When he’s at a distance I can almost ignore him. But he creeps up on me, and now I can feel him behind me, just out of sight. But the aura he gives off is unmistakable. I know his next move, he’ll wait til I’m distracted then he’ll rush me all of a sudden and I’ll be in his grip. His elongated arms holding me in a mocking embrace, suffocating me. There’s no denying or hiding from that aura, not when he’s that close.

I’m yet to find a hiding place he can’t find or a weapon fearsome enough to make him back off. I’ll never stop searching though.


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