A quick hello,,

Hello blog, hello imaginary blog-readers.

My name is Rose and this little blog you’ve stumbled across is Waterfall Thoughts.

Why ‘Waterfall Thoughts’? — because my thoughts come from nowhere falling through my head and then crash and swirl around. I’m not trying to be poetic or profound, that’s just how it feels.

This blog is a place for me to release all the nonsensical ramblings in my head and let go in the hope of finding some relief. You know how the thoughts can build up and up until the pressure it so bad you’re sure your head will explode? Well, I’m hoping the explosion will happen a lot less messily if I aim it at my blog…

Who knows what I’ll write? Will it be a diary? An explosion of words? A mess?

Most likely it will be the nonsensical ramblings of Rose’s waterfall thoughts.


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